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Register as a Screenwriter to Pitch a short film! 

Screenwriters can register to pitch a short film at the festival launch. We have seen many screenwriters go on to be chosen by filmmakers - it's an excellent opportunity to collaborate.

Here's the info you need if you want to pitch to the filmmakers on March 31st, 2019:

1) Screenwriters will receive the Digi60 Catch 1 week before it is released to the public (March 24th).

2) Screenwriters are sworn to secrecy on the Catch - we can't let it get out to the filmmakers before March 31st!

3) Screenwriters have 1 week to fashion their pitch to the audience based on the Catch criteria provided.

4) Screenwriters have to sell themselves - there are no proxy pitches and it is up to the screenwriter to sell their idea to the filmmakers attending the Catch release! So get ready to mingle and put your best idea out there! 

5) You cannot pitch if you are already a Registered Filmmaker. This gives an unfair advantage over other filmmakers. If, after the Catch Release is public and Pitch is over, you are interested in registering as a Filmmaker, you may do so for the Late Registration price.

If you aren't ready to try pitching to a crowd, please join us anyway on March 31st at the Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe (575 Bank St.) for our Catch Release event - it's free and an excellent opportunity to meet like minded folk in the industry.

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