Filmmakers' forum 2017


Hey Filmmakers !

We have just completed another highly successful Spring Festival. As always, you created stories and films that we never would have dreamed of when we came up with the Catch of PLAY.

And talking to Filmmakers after the screening, we also realized that you have some great ideas about the Festival that we might never have thought of either.

This is a Filmmakers’ Festival (with an apostrophe after the “s” … that means it is yours !), and we are looking at once again putting together a “Filmmakers Forum” to sit down with us for a few hours this summer and talk about the Digi60 Festival going forward. We would like to get a group of filmmakers together to discuss the ways they see us best fulfilling our vision and mandate :

The Digi60 Vision
Digi60 is the leading filmmakers' festival in Ottawa that values artistic achievement and excellence, and provides the foundation for creating and sustaining a vibrant and supportive filmmaking community.

Our Current Mandate

  1. To create opportunities for new and emerging filmmakers to screen their work and network with other filmmakers and artists;
  2. To foster opportunities for participants of Digi60 to enter the broader filmmaking community in Canada;
  3. To pursue mentorships for filmmakers by reaching out to the leaders in our community;
  4. To be as inclusive, diverse, and multi-lingual as possible to meet the needs of our filmmakers and audience members;
  5. To celebrate and recognize artistic achievement;
  6. To strive for a high standard of service excellence in everything we do;
  7. To be open and transparent with Digi60 filmmakers, audience members, community partners, sponsors and ourselves.

The discussions will include (but will not be limited to):

  • The role of judging in the festival
  • The focus of our educational opportunities for participants
  • The types of prizes presented
  • The best ways to expand the numbers and diversity of those involved in the festival
  • The development and expansion of community partners in the festival
  • The best way to fulfill the dual purpose of creating a great experience for new filmmakers, while also creating opportunities in the filmmaking industry for more experienced filmmakers

We are still hammering out the details and the timing of this Forum/Focus Group, (we are hoping for June or July 2017 at the latest). In the mean time we would love to hear your input on the topics you would like discussed, and any thoughts you might have on those topics to help inform our discussion.

Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts at