2012 Spring Festival

“Digi60 Seconds”

The Catch for this event was that you must use an Ottawa location in your film, and you will choose that location from a hat.

Here were The Judges Favourites !

Favourite Screenplay – Keith Davidson and Favourite Invited Filmmaker’s Film – Matt West

Favourite Open Category Film One – Caro Ibrahim

Favourite Open Category Film Two – Kerry Hutton

Favourite Promo Video – Randy Kelly
(you kind of need to watch his film for his promo to make sense, so here are both …)

The top judged film in the invited category will receive a $100 prize. In the Open category we will be giving a $100 prize to each of the top two judged films. We will also be giving a prize of $100 to the best judged screenplay, and a $100 prize for the best produced location promo video.

And then in the weeks after the screening we are having an on-line publicly voted “play down” involving all the films which Jim Miles and Kevin Friel will be running with their new “Battle Reels” application … which they will explain fully at our screening on June 15th. The winner of that “Battle” will also receive $100.

The Catch for this event is that you must use an Ottawa location in your film, and you will be choosing that location from a hat.

The film itself will be a maximum of 60 seconds. You will also be able to have 20 seconds of opening titles, and 30 seconds of closing credits. You can’t tell part of the story in the titles or credits. Think of the film as being screened without the titles and credits – that 60 seconds must be self contained.

The film must take place at the location you draw for at least 40 seconds, so your character can drive to the location as long as they do it in 20 seconds !

When necessary, you MUST contact the Invest Ottawa office to obtain the proper permission and permits. Part of what we want you to do as filmmakers is learn what it takes to be a REAL filmmaker. Stephanie is really very nice…after her first coffee.

And remember, you are representing the filmmaking community, the City of Ottawa and Invest Ottawa are putting a great deal of trust in us all as ambassadors for our industry. There is a tremendous amount of buzz and potential growth, and everyone in this festival will benefit, so let’s make sure we leave nothing but a good taste in the mouth of every location we use ! And to assist in leaving this good taste, each of you will also be required to submit a 30 to 60 second video of you or someone from your production talking about what it was like shooting at your location. The video should contain various “beauty” shots of the location and this “location promo video” will also be part of the judging process.

Good luck to all the filmmakers !