CELEBRATING 15 years of independent filmmakers in ottawa

Digi60 is a grass roots independent filmmakers' festival in Ottawa, Canada's Capital. At the outset, it provided opportunities for filmmakers entering the new digital realm by offering a location to screen short films.

The concept was based on a "catch" (an idea, theme, prop, etc.) and a 60 day timeline, hence "Digi60". The popular screenings quickly grew into an exciting annual festival that gave filmmakers the opportunity to build their skills, challenge themselves, and to become part of the film industry.

Digi60 has also changed over the years and has expanded to include documentaries, community collaborations with post-secondary schools based on their curriculum, and skills and business workshops through independent film and video partnerships.

The Digi60 Ottawa Digital Filmmakers' Festival is a volunteer run, registered not-for-profit corporation.

The Digi60 Vision

Digi60 is the leading filmmakers' festival in Ottawa that values artistic achievement and excellence, and provides the foundation for creating and sustaining a vibrant and supportive filmmaking community.

Our Current Mandate

  • To create opportunities for new and emerging filmmakers to screen their work and network with other filmmakers and artists;

  • To foster opportunities for participants of Digi60 to enter the broader filmmaking community in Canada;

  • To pursue mentorships for filmmakers by reaching out to the leaders in our community;

  • To be as inclusive, diverse, and multi-lingual as possible to meet the needs of our filmmakers and audience members;

  • To celebrate and recognize artistic achievement;

  • To strive for a high standard of service excellence in everything we do;

  • To be open and transparent with Digi60 filmmakers, audience members, community partners, sponsors and ourselves.

“All shorts must be shot on DV.”

April 2004 Canadian Film Institute News Letter announcing the first Digi60 Filmmakers Festival in Ottawa, ON.

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