2019 spring festival

SCREENING - MAY 5, 2019 at the Mayfair Theatre

Digi60's mandate includes creating opportunities for new and emerging filmmakers to screen their work and network with other filmmakers and artists.
To find out more about our mandate, please visit our History, Vision and Mandate page.

Announcing three categories for filmmaker registration

Digi60 is excited to let you know about the registration categories for the 2019 Digi60 Filmmakers' Festival. In response to feedback and on-going discussion with filmmakers, both past and present, Digi60 has created 3 filmmaker registration categories that encompasses all levels of filmmaking, while maintaining our mandate to support the professional development of new and emerging filmmakers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Category 1: New Filmmaker

The Festival defines a NEW FILMMAKER as: 

  • a registered filmmaker who has completed two (2) or less short films, OR 

  • a registered filmmaker who is a student registered in a secondary or post-secondary educational program and does not work professionally in the film or television industry (Students will be asked to provide a copy of their student ID).

Eligible for: New/Emerging competition Awards and Prizes. 

Category 2: Emerging Filmmaker

The Festival defines an EMERGING FILMMAKER as: 

  • a registered filmmaker who has completed three to five (3-5) short films.

  • an Emerging Filmmaker cannot be a student.

Eligible for: New/Emerging competition Awards and Prizes.

Category 3: Professional or Alumni Filmmaker*

The Festival defines a PROFESSIONAL or ALUMNI FILMMAKER as: 

  • a director that has completed six (6) or more short films, OR

  • has participated in Digi60 five (5) or more times in a directing or producing (registered filmmaker) role, OR

  • earns commission from their filmmaking (directing or producing), OR

  • works professionally within the film and television industry in a key creative role, OR

  • has completed a feature film (directing or producing), OR

  • is a registered filmmaker who has utilized a majority professional crew in key positions in their Digi60 film, OR

  • is a registered filmmaker who involves a professional production company in their Digi60 film.

Eligible for: Best Film, Best Director (Alumni/Pro Category) Awards.

*Digi60 reserves the right to move a new or emerging filmmaker into the professional or alumni category if they do not meet the new or emerging criteria.

~Don't know where you fit? Email us at info@digi60.org and we can discuss!~

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