FALL 2017 filmmaker Registration

What is a STUDENT filmmaker?
A "STUDENT" is a registered filmmaker taking on the "Director" or "Producer" role, between the ages of 14 and 25, who is attending secondary or post-secondary school. All student filmmakers MUST provide a photo of their current 2017-2018 student card in the EXTRA INFO section to receive the discounted entrance fee. If under the age of 18 the student must receive parental consent to participate.

Students will be screened in our Student and Documentary Night. If you wish to be in competition in the Narrative or Documentary categories, you must register in a paid category as a New, Emerging, Semi-Pro or Pro filmmaker

What is a NEW or EMERGING filmmaker?
"New" filmmakers are considered to have completed two (2) or less short films.
"Emerging" filmmakers are considered to have completed three (3) or more short films.

What is a SEMI-PRO or PRO filmmaker?
"Pro" and "Semi-Pro" are filmmakers who actively work in the the film and TV industry in some capacity. These filmmakers usually want to participate in the festival for practice or fun, and to create new visuals for their demo reel.

Follow all instructions closely so as to facilitate your registration in the swiftest way possible - EARLY REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENT REGISTRATION - Until September 16, 2017 (12pm) $10.00 CAN + HST and Fees
POST-SECONDARY STUDENT REGISTRATION - Until September 16, 2017 (12pm) $30.00 CAN + HST and Fees
EARLY NARRATIVE AND DOCUMENTARY REGISTRATION - Until September 16, 2017 (12pm) $40.00 CAN + HST and Fees
Registration includes guaranteed screening upon submission and one (1) FREE inclusive festival pass to all screenings to the REGISTERED filmmaker.
Please complete your Eventbrite payment before proceeding with the rest of the form.

LATE REGISTRATION - Open September 16, 2017 (2pm) $50.00 CAN + HST and Fees. Late Registration closes October 1, 2017 at 9pm.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST complete the form below to have your registration finalized.

Please do so before continuing.


Name *
This is the name that will appear on the programme and posters. If you would like an additional name to be added, please put it in the Extra Info section below!
Optional. This is for statistical purposes only. We are not looking for names of your films, just the roles you have held previously.
Please add any additional information about your registration here (i.e. Co-Filmmaker name, collaborations, secondary or post-secondary school, etc.)
This number is located in the email you receive once you have paid.
Do you self-identify as any of the following? (OPTIONAL)
Check all that apply. For statistical purposes only. Will not be shared outside of the Digi60 organization. Please note: a visible minority according to the Canadian government is defined as someone (other than an Indigenous/First Nations person) who is non-white in colour/race, regardless of place of birth.
Term & Conditions *
(1) The cost for REGISTRATION for the Fall 2017 Digi60 competition as a registered filmmaker is a non-refundable $40 CAN + HST and fees, and must be paid via Eventbrite before submitting this form. All registrations after September 16th, 2017 will by $50 CAN + HST and fees. Student prices are only applicable if a valid 2017-2018 student ID is provided. (2) I will adhere to the rules and regulations in the Filmmaker Package provided to me during the Catch & Pitch taking place on September 16, 2017 (or via email if I can not attend) to complete my submission. (4) I must complete any required components listed on my Filmmaker Package to be eligible for prizes. (5) I must submit my film in the methods indicated in the filmmaker package to ensure my film is shown during the Festival. (6) I will conduct myself professionally at all times during the competition and will do my best to represent Digi60, my community and my passion as I create my film. (7) If my film is in any language other than English, I understand I must provide the final copy with English subtitles as jury members may only speak English, so as to ease the evaluation of my project. (8) Digi60 has the right to not screen content that violates the mandate, values and ethics of the core Digi60 brand. (9) I am aware that the main method of communication between myself and the festival is the email address I provided above and acknowledge that it is my own responsibility to check the communications sent to me and to maintain open communication with the Festival by sending emails to info@digi60.org.