Screening Times for Fall 2014 Short Films

(Films that have been posted on-line by the filmmaker have a link to their film that you can access by clicking on the film name)

Scripted 9:00pm Screening – December 6th

The Hunter – Ray Besharah / Randy Smith - Winner – Spirit of the Festival Award
Franks Box – Chris Chitaroni - Winner – Best Screenplay
Motivation – Paola Della MalvaSAW Video Promising Filmmaker Honourable Mention
Engage – Steven Hunt / Joyce Rivera
Jurassic Park lV – Grant JefferyWinner – Best Story, SAW Video Promising Filmmaker
Boy For Sale – Mark Parks
Brooklyn K9 – Tyler Pearce - Winner – Best Technical Quality, Best Film
All That Remains – Derek PriceWinner – Best Director
Doc – Alex Williams / Justin Hewitt-DrakulicWinner – Best Acting

Scripted 7:00pm Screening – December 6th

The Bowell Movement - Andrew Alexander
Waiting For Bauer – Islam Balbaa / Graeme Rombough
Fury – Lee Cyr
Angry Dogs – Ahmed Hafez
Never Again – Alan Shamsedin
Coffee Time – Trevor Kanaya
Isis and Isis – Brennan Martin
I Love Kevin Burton – Vincent Valentino

Scripted 5:00pm Screening – December 6th

Going Up? – Kevin Bourne
Wonderland Begins – James Campbell
Modern(er) Times – Dave Currie
Silent Night – Daniel Desmarais
Little Brother – Ilish Karson
Highlander ll – Justin Nalepa
Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die – Allen Roulston
Dom’s on Drums – Tyler Williams
Horror Fan – Kevin Preece

Documentary 1  - December 5th, 7:00pm

Rescued – Kristine McNaule
Derriere le banc des joueurs – Jeanne-Sophie Laflamme-Adriano
The Diamond Mine Agency – Brianna MacRury
Paradis des Autos – Jackson Ho
Like, Comment, Subscribe – Patrick Trudeau
Tatow – Renaud Guertin
Midreign – Joseph Saunders
Secta – Frédéric Lacelle
Lost Cause – Connor Squires
NorthStar Quidditch – Jeremy Skibinski
Adagio – Emily Fournier
Follow Your Dreams – Romi Knight
The Funny Life – Caelan Benn


Documentary 2 – December 5th, 9:00pm

Toy Boy – March Mercanti - Winner – Best Documentary
Making It With Andrew Cassara – Joe Lempey
S Winn – Michel Leroux
Cast of One – Jacob Atkinson
Changer pour Rester – Vincent Lévesque
Birdman – Alex Griffith
Countdown – David Rajsic
La cle de mon bonheur – Jessica Ruiz
The Collector – Tommy Wood
The Thin Grey Line – James Gilchrist
Le temps c’est de l’argent – Francis Olmstead
Stronger – Liam Thompson
Vaudeville – William Robitaille

Screenings for the 2014 Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival !

Algonquin Commons Theatre 
1385 Woodroffe Ave – E100, Ottawa, Ontario K2G 1V8

Documentary Shorts Screening – Friday, December 5th

We have over 20 documentary entries, so there will be two screenings – starting at 7:00pm – with a 20 minute intermission between them. 

Tickets are $10 and they will get you in to BOTH screenings. They will be available at the Theatre Box Office . It is a big theatre – there will be room for everyone !

Scripted Shorts Screening – Saturday, December 6th

With close to 30 shorts, there will be three screenings – at 5:00pm, 7:00pm and 9:00pm. The order the films will play in will be announced soon.

Tickets will be available for each individual screening at $10 per screening, or a full screening pass that includes all three screenings for $22.

Tickets will be available at the Theatre Box Office – it is a BIG THEATRE … there will be enough room for everybody !!

The Catch for Documentary and Scripted Fall 2014 is released

The Catch for the Documentary Stream of the 2014 Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival is:

Your documentary must be about “a fan”. 

Find somebody who likes some thing, person, activity, anything at all … and tell us their story.

The Catch for the Scripted Stream of of the 2014 Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival is:

Your short must be a “Fan Film”. Before or after your film, you or a member of your crew must appear on camera for a maximum of 30 seconds and explain what the inspiration of your film was and why you (they) are a fan.


Fan Film is traditionally a film inspired by a film, television program, comic book or a similar source, created by fans. But this is Digi60, so what you are a fan of is up to you.

We ask that you do some research to make sure that your source of inspiration is open to fan films being made. For example, the people behind Star Wars actually hold fan film awards:


On the other hand, you won’t find many Disney Character Fan Films out there … they will cease and desist you immediately !

A good way to find out if your source material is “Fan Film Friendly” is to check the internet and see if there are Fan Films out there. For example:


And while most Fan Films occupy the world of the source material, there are other options … like this locally produced short film:


ALL films must be no longer than 8 minutes, with an additional 60 seconds allowed for opening and/or closing credits. So the maximum run time of the film with full credits is 9 minutes.

Films will be due on November 15th at 6:00pm. You will be required to upload your final film to us, so make sure you have access to high speed internet by then. We will send you instructions on the format for your final output and how we expect you to upload it for us to receive it.

We trust you will make something that will make YOUR fans happy.

The Catch for Fall Digi60 2014 to be Released on September 16th

Entries for the 2014 Fall edition of the Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival are now open ! The Catch for the Documentary and Scripted streams will be released simultaneously on-line at 9:00am on Tuesday September 16th.

The deadline to enter the Festival will be at 6:00pm on Monday September 15th.


Films will be a maximum of 8 minutes in length, with a total of 60 additional seconds allowed for opening and/or closing credits.

The Film Submission Deadline will be 6:00pm on November 15th. If you do the math, that is 60 days plus 9 hours – we are generous like that !!

Digi60 and The Writers’ Room present
The 2014 Digi60 Pitch Session

Sponsored by Ottawa Film Scene Magazine
Monday September 15th at 6:00pm
Location: The Clocktower Pub – 575 Bank Street, Ottawa

Selected Screenwriters will receive the Catch for the Fall Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival two days in advance and use the 48 hours to come up with an idea. At this Pitch session, they will publicly present their ideas to an adoring and supportive audience. EACH SCREENWRITER WILL PITCH ONCE TO THE ENTIRE ROOM. Entered Digi60 filmmakers, cast and crew are encouraged to attend and “negotiate a deal” if a screenwriter tickles their fancy ! Filmmakers who attend this event will actually get the Catch about 15 hours earlier than those who wait to see it released on-line the next morning – the reward for attending !

6:00-6:30 arrive and socialize
6:30-6:45 Special Presentation by Emily Ramsay and Jennifer Mulligan from Ottawa Film Scene
7:00-9:00 Pitch Session – 2 minutes each pitch – 3 directors can ask questions to clarify (10 minutes total, with a 10-20 minute smoke/pee break – max of 10 writers pitch)
9:00 Make the deals that will give us movie magic !

If you are a screenwriter interested in participating, please contact:

Jennifer Mulligan – jennifer.a.mulligan@gmail.com
Emily Ramsay – emm.rams@gmail.com

The Screenings will take place on December 5th and 6th at the Algonquin College Commons Theatre.

It is a go ! The Digi60 SIFT will take place from Wednesday July 23rd to Sunday July 27th on the campus of Algonquin College. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PRESS RELEASE)

Through the 5 days, we will be holding four workshops in Screenwriting, Advanced Screenwriting, Acting, and Producing/Directing.

Here are the links for you to read a workshop description and register for each workshop. You will register through PayPal and we will send you a confirmation email from Digi60 SIFT within 24 hours.

Screenwriting Workshop – Register HERED60-SIFT-LOGO-png400

Advanced Screenwriting Workshop – Register HERE

Acting for Film and TV – Register HERE

Producing and Directing – Register HERE

The price will be $395.00 plus HST.

As part of the week, in addition to the workshops, we are hoping to expose the participants to the “real world” of television and film production, bringing in industry players and creators (Telefilm, OMDC, E-One, Broadcasters …) as guest lecturers and participants in panel discussions. All Digi60 SIFT attendees will be able to attend these panel discussions which will occur at the end of the day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

There will be special screening events in the evenings. We are hoping to have yet to be released films, and have the filmmakers and distributors there for Q and A sessions. Digi60 SIFT participants will have free access to these screenings.

At the end of the day Saturday, we are planning a networking and social event (did somebody say Barbecue ?!) to have all our participants and local production companies rub up against each other in an informal format.

And Sunday, after it is all over, The Acting Company would love to hold a wrap party at their studio space in the Glebe. It is an amazing space, and a great opportunity for everyone to say farewell and make those final plans for the next great production !

We will be filling out the panel and screening schedules soon, so check back here, or follow us on social media to keep up to date with our announcements.



The Spring 2014 Catch is Released !

Here is the Catch for the Spring Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival:

Your film must include “sparks” …

The film itself can be a maximum of two minutes. You also have 30 seconds for credits. These can be opening credits, closing credits or a combination of both. So the TOTAL run time of your film including credits must be under 2 minutes and 30 seconds …

… and at the end of your film, after the final credits, you or somebody from your cast or crew must appear on camera and give a one or two sentence log line for your film that includes the word “sparks”. They must introduce themselves, their role in the film, and then give the log line.

Filmmakers, it is up to you to interpret the Catch. You can be as literal or as figurative as you wish. Good luck !


Spring 2014 Festival Coming May 15th … Even if Spring Isn’t !

The Spring 2014 Digi60 Catch Release has been  set for May 15th, 2014. Once again, we will be giving Filmmakers 30 days to create a short film in the 2 to 3 minute range. There is also a cool twist for Screenwriters wishing to get involved – check out the details on our Spring 2014 Page.

The 2013 Winners are Announced !


“Wired” – Winner of Best Picture, DIGI60 2013 – Experienced Category

Look Up, Son – Winner – Best Story, Best Acting – Digi60 2013 from Lévy L Marquis on Vimeo (extended cut).

Experienced Category

Acting - Look Up Son

Directing - Nights in Suburbia

Story - Look Up Son

Technical - Wired

Overall - Wired

Open Category

Acting - Icarus Rising / Coin St-Andrew (tie)

Directing - Puritans

Story - Icarus Rising

Technical - Coin St-Andrew

Overall - Puritans

Acting Company – Promising Actor Award - Illish Karson – These Four Walls

Best Overall Screenplay - Words Never Said – Tommy Gushue

SAW Video Award Promising Filmmaker Award - Matthieu Halle

Spirit of the Festival - Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block – Winner of Spirit of the Festival – Digi60 2013 from Kristian Perrault on Vimeo.

Documentary Category

Creativity - Force or Faith

Directing - The Legacy

Editing - Sober

Overall - The Legacy

Story Telling - The Legacy

Matchmaker – Digi60 Fall Entry 2013 from Chris Chitaroni on Vimeo.

Digi60 Fall 2013 Screenings

Based on the number of entries in each category, the screening times will be:

Documentary Screenings – 7:30pm, November 29th

Scripted Screenings – 5:00pm, 7:00pm, and 9:00pm, November 30th

Tickets for the event will be sold through the Algonquin College Box Office. You can purchase them online on our SCREENING PAGE.

Digi60 Ottawa Filmmakers Festival

A New Award from SAW Video !

Introducing an exciting new award at Digi60 2013 !!

The SAW Video SPOTLIGHT Filmmaker Award

Presented at the Gala screening, this award will be chosen by SAW Video, and given to the filmmaker who SAW judges to show particular talent and unique cinematic form. The recipient will receive $1200 in access to SAW Video equipment and post-production facilities, a 1 year producing membership, and a $250 credit towards workshops. The filmmaker will also be featured for one segment of the SPOTLIGHT section of the SAW Video website, where we take a look at the work and experience of our creative members.


The Catch is Announced !

Filmmakers will have 60 days to produce a short film of no more than 8 minutes, with an additional 60 seconds for credits (this can be opening or closing credits totalling 60 seconds). You will be expected to upload a “Judging Version” to us by the deadline.

The Catch for the Documentary Stream of the 2013 Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival is:

Your film must be about Discovery

The Catch for the Scripted Stream of the 2013 Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival is in three parts:

One – your film must be about Discovery

Two – One of your main characters must be named Sam

Three – At some point in the film, one of your characters must say “Ah ha” .

There will be one bonus point awarded if you are able to incorporate a canoe into your film !

« L’attrape » du volet Documentaire du Festival du cinéma numérique Digi60 2013 est :

Votre film doit porter sur la découverte.

« L’attrape » du volet scénario du Festival du cinéma numérique Digi60 2013 est en trois parties :

Un – votre film doit porter sur la découverte;

Deux – l’un de vos personnages principaux doit s’appeler Sam;

Trois – à un moment dans le film, l’un de vos personnages doit dire « Ah ha! ».

On vous accordera un point bonus si vous réussissez à intégrer un canoë dans votre film!


Digi60 Experienced Filmmakers and Mentors Announced

The process is complete, and here are the filmmakers who have been selected to take part in the Experienced Filmmakers category – along with their Mentoring partners …

Islam Balbaa – Chelsea O’Connor

Chris Chitaroni – SDC Video Productions

Nick Hillier – Parktown

Mike Horrigan – Affinity

Levy Marquis – Parktown

Daniel McLeod – Parktown

Derek Price – Sarah Deline

Alex Williams – Affinity

Congratulations to them all, and thank you to everyone who put themselves forward … the choices were tough to make !

Digi60 2013 Fall Festival has Launched – Catch Release September 16th

We are now accepting entries for the Fall 2013 Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival ! The Catch for this year’s Festival will be released on September 16th at an event to be held at Ben Franklin Place at 6pm. The Catch will also be released at the same time on-line. Screenings are scheduled to take place on November 29th and 30th, and Workshops are scheduled to be held on November 30th and December 1st. This year we are also planning several Pre-Festival Workshops to be held on Sunday September 15th …

To enter and to get more details, visit our Festival 2013 page … www.digi60.org/2013-festival/

Award Winners Announced – Spring 2013 Festival

We had an amazing screening night on May 31st … lot’s of new talent – and not only from the National Capital area !  Here are the award winners:

Best Overall Film, Best Story
S.E.N.S.E. – Lévy L Marquis

Best Acting (tie)
The Wireless Tablet – Phillip Brule and Fahaam Tashfeen
# Hypochondriac – Alex Williams

Best Technical Quality, Best Directing
Hundred % – Tero Hollo 

Spirit of the Festival Award
File Transfer – Larissa Thompson 

Best Overall Film Nominees
S.E.N.S.E. – Lévy L Marquis
Hundred % – Tero Hollo 
# Hypochondriac – Alex Williams
ALT F4 – Tyler Pearce

reSync – Tim McMillan 

The Catch is Revealed for Spring 2013 !

The Catch for the Spring 2013 Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival is not a thing, a line nor an action. It is just a theme. The Catch is:

Culture in a digital world

You will notice that is the exact same theme of the Creative City Summit !

Also after the credits …

You or one of your crew or actors will appear on camera for up to 30 seconds to give your thoughts on the theme. You can summarize your film’s take on the theme, or just come up with your own opinion !

These may be shown at the Bytowne screening. And as for judging, you will receive full points for completing the on camera task, and no points if you don’t. You won’t be judged for what you say, but only whether you say it. This will make up about 10% of the points structure.

2013 Spring Edition – Top 5 Films Will Get the Digi60 Push

The Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival is excited to announce that the top five films as chosen by our judging panel will receive up to $200 in reimbursement for entry fees to other film festivals.

In addition, all award winning filmmakers will be invited to a three hour session on navigating film festivals entries, hosted by Producer Michael Dobbin, the head of Quiet Revolution Pictures.

Michael regularly attends the Toronto International Film Festival, Cannes and the Berlinale and has attended many others. His films have been screened at dozens of festivals, including Tribeca, Karlovy Vary, Edinburgh, Montreal, Hollywood, London IFF, Fantasporto, Rome, Kolkata, and Planet in Focus to name only a few. One of his company’s films, “The Maiden Danced”, alone has been presented to audiences at over 30 festivals in 20 countries and counting (currently heading to Rome), and was on the shortlist for the Hungarian Best Foreign Language Oscar nomination this past year.

While in the UK, Michael produced a Festivals, Sales and Marketing workshop by Mia Bays, who produced the Oscar winning short film “Six Shooter”. His own short films have played festivals around the world, won some awards, and received distribution deals.

Our filmmakers will be in good hands !

2013 Spring Edition – We Are Doing a 180 !

Digi60 is excited to announce its second annual Spring Filmmaker’s Festival … and this time Filmmakers have 30 days to make a film of up to 180 seconds. This year we are running the spring festival in collaboration with The Creative City Network of Canada, and the screening of the films will be part of the 2013 Creative City Summit which will be held in Ottawa from May 29th to 31st.

Our Spring Digi60 challenges filmmakers from across the country to write and shoot a short digital film of 3 minutes or less in 30 days based around a “catch”. Previous catches have included first and last lines, basing your film on a story written by a child, and having your film revolve around a passionate kiss. Filmmakers are required to work with various creative groups in their city, including writers circles, actors groups, and established production companies. Digi60 is not only about making films, but about making filmmakers.

This year’s “Catch” will be released on April 15th, both on-line and at a live event to be held at Ottawa City Hall. Completed films from all cities will be curated by a judging panel, and selected films will be shown at a public screening on May 30th as part of the 2013 Creative City Summit in Ottawa. All entered films will be made available through the Digi60 website – www.digi60.org

Entry information and submission guidelines will be made available through the Digi60 website soon … so get your team ready.

Digi60 — Festival de cinéma numérique d’Ottawa à l’intention des cinéastes

Édition de printemps 2013 — Nous tournons un court métrage de 180 secondes!

Digi60 a le plaisir d’annoncer la tenue de son deuxième festival annuel de printemps à l’intention des cinéastes. Cette année, les participants ont 30 jours pour produire un court métrage de 180 secondes. Cette année, nous organisons le festival de printemps en collaboration avec le Réseau des villes créatives du Canada et le visionnement des films aura lieu dans le cadre du Sommet des villes créatives 2013 qui se déroulera à Ottawa du 29 au 31 mai.

Dans le cadre de l’édition de printemps Digi60, les cinéastes canadiens sont invités à créer et tourner un court métrage numérique de 3 minutes au plus, en 30 jours, axé sur un « thème ». Au cours des années précédentes, la première et la dernière ligne du script étant fournies, le thème consistait à créer une histoire racontée par un enfant, ou le film devait avoir pour thème central un baiser passionné. Les cinéastes sont invités à travailler en collaboration avec divers groupes créatifs de leur ville, notamment les cercles d’écrivains, les groupes d’acteurs et les sociétés de production établies. Le festival Digi60 ne vise pas seulement à produire des films, mais aussi à faire naître des vocations de cinéaste.

Cette année, le thème sera dévoilé aux alentours du 15 avril, en ligne et au cours d’un événement en direct qui se tiendra à l’hôtel de ville d’Ottawa. Les films provenant de toutes les villes seront évalués par un jury et les films sélectionnés seront présentés au cours d’une projection publique le 30 mai dans le cadre du Sommet des villes créatives 2013 d’Ottawa. Tous les films soumis seront disponibles sur le site Web Digi60 – www.digi60.org

Les renseignements pour l’inscription et des directives relatives à la soumission des projets seront bientôt disponibles sur le site Web Digi60. Tenez votre équipe de tournage prête!

2012 Award Winners Announced !

Scripted Invited

Best Technical Quality (tied)
Algebra (click to view BTS Video)
The Green Cardigan (click to view BTS Video)

Best Directing
Subterfuge Suite 

Best Acting

Best Story

Audience Favourite

Best Film Nominees (Receive up to $200 for Festival Entries)
Subterfuge Suite 
Five Year Bid 

Best Film Winner

Scripted Open

Technical Quality

Best Directing

Best Overall Screenplay
Sock Heart 

Best Acting

Best Story

Best Film Nominees (Receive up to $200 for Festival Entries)
The Clean Up 

Best Film


Directing (tied):
NHL Lockout


Plan P

NHL Lockout

Best Overall Documentary:
On the Radar

Scripted Screenings 2012 – December 8th

There will be THREE screenings for the scripted stream this year … we received 25 entries ! Tickets for each individual screening (as well as a full night pass) are now available on our “Screenings” page. Here are the times and the films for each screening.

5:45 pm – Screening 1

First Ladies – Kirin Roulston
Checked Out – Islam Balbaa
We All Fall Down – Chris Chitaroni
Lucid – Moni Sparrow
Saturday – Kevin Preece
Il Typo – Graeme Hay
The Smoking Gun – Keith Wiggins
The Ringer – Melanie Mortensen
Laundry – Hilda Young

7:30pm – Screening 2

Scissors – Trevor Goulet
Alone At Last – Victoria Jung
B Longs – Caro Ibrahim
Sock Heart – Kerry Hutton
Relapse – Corry Burke / Mike Horrigan
The Clean Up – Kris Lariviere
Atone – Derek Price
Gothic Revival – Christopher Skinner
The Stranger – Vincent Valentino

 9:15pm – Screening 3

Five Year Bid – Karl Claude
Willy – Keith Davidson
Checkmate – Jolanta Mojsej
Algebra – Jith Paul
Dead Worst Poets Society – Bonnie Robinson
The Green Cardigan – Matt West
Subterfuge Suite – Alex Williams

There will also be a “Reunion Party” at the end of the night starting around 11pm … we will post more details soon !

Documentary Screenings 2012 – December 7th

There will be TWO screenings for the documentary stream this year … we received 18 entries ! Tickets for each individual screening (as well as a full night pass) are now available on our “Screenings” page. Here are the times and the films for each screening.

6:30pm – DOC SCREENING 1

The Canadian Game – Warner McQueen
Finding Your Roots – Nick Tessier
Sticks and Stones – Kirin Roulston
Brooms Up – Matthew Head
Patriot – Giovanni Jeudy
Plan P – Nicholas Losacco
The Promoter – Ashley Lambert
The New Union – Kristian Perrault
Broken – Steve Brule

8:30pm – DOC SCREENING 2

On The Radar – Gianamedeo (John) Petti
NHL Lockout 2012 – Robin Smith
Astrophotography – Graeme Hay
Kat’s Paw – Karen (Kat) Baldassari
All For One – Kyle Fennema
Alone – Aiden Mackean
Galloping Goats – Amanda Bean
Stolen Dream – Caro Ibrahim
Corporate Rehab – Nathan Boucher

The Digi60 2012 Festival Begins ! But There’s a Catch …

The Catch for the Scripted Stream of the Digi60 2012 Filmmakers Festival is:

Your short film must centre around a reunion … AND it must either start or end with a rhyming couplet.

There will be one bonus point added to your judged total if you both start  AND end it with a rhyming couplet. The judging form totals 60 points, so you decide if it is worth it. The film may  be up to 8 minutes maximum. You may also have one minute for credits. This minute can be split between opening and closing credits. So the absolute maximum run time for your short is 9 minutes.

And the Catch for the Documentary Stream of the Digi60 Filmmaker’s Festival is:

The catch for the documentary stream is:

Your documentary must involve a union.

Get creative ! 60 days … Good luck !

Here are some photos from our Catch Event !

26 Filmmakers entered in the Scripted Category ! That’s 1,560 days of potential filmmaking between the Catch and the Deadline. Good luck to you all. Here is the list …

Balbaa, Islam (Student)
Burke, Corry
Chitaroni, Christopher
Clark, Tim (Student)
Claude, Karl
Davidson, Keith
Hay, Graeme
Hutton, Kerry
Ibrahim, Caroline (Student)
Jung, Victoria (Student)
Lariviere, Kristian
Marshall, Lesley (Student)
McGowan, Sparrow
McMillan, Tim
Mojsej, Jolanta
Mortenson, Melanie
Paul, Jith
Price, Derek
Robinson, Bonnie
Roulston, Kirin (Student)
Skinner, Christopher
Valentino, Vincent
West, Matt
Wiggins, Keith
Williams, Alex
Young, Hilda

And here are the Invited Filmmakers as selected by our Production Partners !


Parktown – Karl Claude
Mountain Road – Keith Davidson
Affinity – Jolanta Mojsej


Parktown – Jith Paul
Mountain Road – Bonnie Robinson
inMotion – Matt West
Affinity – Alex Williams


The 2012 Digi60 Filmmaker’s Festival is now accepting entries ! We have an expanded Invited Filmmaker’s category, new production sponsors, changes to our awards …

Check out our ENTRY PAGE for more details !

And the Scripted Catch Event will be held Friday September 14, 6:00pm at the Invest Ottawa Offices … check out the Event here:


The Spring Festival Results Are In


And check out ALL the films here :

The First Annual Digi60 Second Spring Competition

The top judged film in the invited category will receive a $100 prize. In the Open category we will be giving a $100 prize to each of the top two judged films. We will also be giving a prize of $100 to the best judged screenplay, and a $100 prize for the best produced location promo video.

And then in the weeks after the screening we are having an on-line publicly voted “play down” involving all the films which Jim Miles and Kevin Friel will be running with their new “Battle Reels” application … which they will explain fully at our screening on June 15th. The winner of that “Battle” will also receive $100.

So here are the Invited Filmmakers for our Spring Festival!

First of all, thanks to all 8 of the filmmakers who applied and put themselves out there. Both inMotion and Parktown were impressed with the quality of the entries. As one of them said, “There were people in the group that I didn’t know about , that I should know about.” So even if you aren’t on the selection list, getting your name and work in front of these people can only help you in the future !

So here are the selections:

Randy Kelly
Sarah Argue

Matt West
Tim McMillan

Congratulations, and we will see you all at the Catch Event – May 15th at 6:00pm at the Invest Ottawa offices at 80 Aberdeen Street !
Invest Ottawa

The First Annual Digi60 Second Spring Competition

Thank you to all the filmmakers who have signed up!

From now until May 15th, local filmmakers will be able to register below to enter this exciting new filmmaking competition. Then, on the evening of May 15th, all entrants will gather at the offices of Invest Ottawa (80 Aberdeen Street) to discover what the “Catch” is, the one thing that will need to be included in each film.

Read the full press release here.

Photos from the 2011 Gala

Digi60 2011 DVDs available for sale

You can now purchase the Digi60 2011 shorts on DVD.


Buy Now

Another Incredible Year

The Friday Documentary Screening was impressive and thought provoking, being our first one. It was also the first time we incorporated students into the festival and we’ll definitely be doing it again next year.

Saturday’s Scripted Screening was inspiring and SOLD OUT! The organizers of the festival are so proud of all the filmmakers and their supporters. We’re also thankful to our sponsors for helping make the 2011 Digi60 Film Festival our most successful to date.

After the adrenaline wears off we’ll make some announcements for next year. Hope to see you all again in 2012.

Again, thank you to everyone.

Welcome to DIGI60

This year’s Catch !!

For the Documentary Stream – “The subject of your film must involve a passion”.

For the Scripted Stream – “Your film must include a passionate kiss that affects your character”.

DIGI60 is Ottawa’s original Digital Film Festival. Started in 2004, DIGI60 challenges Ottawa-area filmmakers to write and shoot a short digital film in 60 days. But there’s just one “catch”… and it changes every Festival. All filmmakers are all given the same set of parameters for their films and it’s up to them to use their imaginations and creativity to base their films around this “catch”. Previous catches have included the first and last lines of the film, specific subject matter, and specific locations. How the filmmaker incorporates the “catch” into their film is entirely up to them.

This year:
- the Catch was released on Saturday September 24th
- there will be Two Streams – a Documentary Stream and a Scripted Stream
- the Deadline to submit films will be November 21st for Documentary Films and November 23rd for Scripted Films
- the Gala Screenings will both be held at Centrepointe Studio Theatre
- the Documentary Screenings will be held on December 2nd
- the Scripted Screenings will be held on December 3rd

We will also be holding filmmaking Workshops hosted by Algonquin College’s Broadcasting Program throughout the weekend. The Ottawa Branch of the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) will be offering workshops both before and after the 60 days to assist our filmmakers in this new category – stay tuned for details.

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