Spring 2015 Festival comes to a close…

Congratulations to our filmmakers! Another successful screening of Ottawa short films with the Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival.

Thank you to our filmmakers, sponsors, judges and the audience for coming out and supporting this locally grown, grass-roots festival!

Please check out our Award and Prize Winners as well as a complete list of Filmmakers! Great job everyone involved – your support of independent film in Ottawa continues to grow and your desire to learn, network and make new opportunities for yourselves, shines!

We will be keeping you updated for the Fall 2015 Festival which will be launching in September, as well as the updates for SIFT 2015!


Tickets now on sale for the Spring 2015 Screening!

You can now buy tickets for the Spring 2015 screening taking place at the Centrepointe Studio Theatre, 101 Centrepointe Drive, June 19th at 7-9pm.

Tickets at $10 + HST (and any PayPal expenses you may incur)

Please click here!


UPDATE: Deadline closed at 7pm June 7

Congrats to the filmmakers who were able to complete the challenge within the 16 day timeline! We know it was tough, but the majority of those who signed up were able to do it!

We will be announcing more information on the completed films and their titles in the upcoming 2 weeks as we get closer to the June 19th screening at Centrepointe Studio Theatres.

Goodluck to all our filmmakers during the judging process!

Introducing our Judges

Please check out Judges Page to get the bios and profiles on our 5 judges:

– Mikel J. Wisler

– Arlene Bogna

– Tommy Gushue

– Sparrow McGowan

– Scott Gibson

Tickets now on sale for the Spring 2015 Screening!

You can now buy tickets for the Spring 2015 screening taking place at the Centrepointe Studio Theatre, 101 Centrepointe Drive, June 19th at 7-9pm.

Tickets at $10 + HST (and any PayPal expenses you may incur)

Please click here!


And the catch for the Spring 2015 Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival is…

We had over 70 people who attended the catch & pitch tonight at  The Clocktower Brew Pub. Thank you to everyone who came to hear our screenwriters pitch their ideas based on the catch…

Your catch is: the theme or idea of “Renewal“. Your completed film can be up to a maximum of 2 minutes in duration with 30 additional seconds allowed for your credits. 

Please also provide a clip, up to a maximum of 1 minute, explaining how your film relates to the catch criteria. You will receive a recap email within 48 hours with all additional technical specs, delivery dates, judging criteria and prize eligibility that was announced at the catch event. Films are due June 7th at 7pm.

Thank you to our sponsors, registered filmmakers, actors and screenwriters. We will be updating you with more information about them over the next two weeks, as well as info on our judges and venue.



Registration is now closed for Digi60 Spring 2015

Thank you to all the filmmakers for signing up but we have reached our maximum amount of films for the Spring Festival. We are very excited to see what the filmmakers bring to the table. We will see you all at the Catch Release and Pitch Session on Friday May 22! Get there early!

We have expressions of interest from more filmmakers though, so if you would like to be on a waiting list, we will let you know if a spot opens up!

Looking forward to the screening on June 19th, 2015 at the Centrepointe Studio Theatre.


Registration is now open for Digi60 Spring 2015!

You can now register to be a filmmaker in the 3rd annual Digi60 Spring Filmmakers’ Festival. Click here to register or check out the Registration page in the 2015 Festival drop down menu.


Digi60 Spring 2015 Festival

Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival Spring 2015 Catch Release and Pitch Session to take place on Friday May 22 at 6:00 pm. Please RSVP on our Facebook event if you plan on joining us. 

The timer is now set to countdown to the Catch Release!

Please join the Digi60 gang at the Clocktower Brew Pub from 6:00 to 9:00 pm on May 22


We will be revealing the catch release to the filmmakers and holding the pitching session with screenwriters at The Clocktower Brew Pub basement from 6-9pm. This is also a networking event for filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, producers and sponsors to connect and develop their ideas for the Spring festival.


Screenwriters who are pitching will receive the catch a week in advance. Each screenwriter will have 1 minute to pitch their idea to a room of filmmakers.


If you are a screenwriter interested in pitching your idea based on the catch, please email info@digi60.org.


Many thanks to The Clocktower Brew Pub for hosting this event, presented by The Writers’ Room – Ottawa and Ottawa Film Scene.


We will be releasing the registration information in the next few days. Stay tuned!!

A message from Digi60 President Kevin Burton

A new page has turned for the Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival in 2015…

We have some exciting news in the Digi60 world !

We have always had the goal of creating a grass roots industry of filmmakers here in Ottawa, one that was self-sustaining and could actually run a Festival like Digi60 on its own.

We feel that critical mass has been reached, and are thrilled to announce that Jennifer Mulligan and Emily Ramsay, who have also started up Ottawa Film Scene (to relaunch shortly at www.ottawafilmscene.com), have agreed to take over the managmemt of the Digi60 Filmmakers Festival moving forward. Please lend them the same great support as you always have as they take on these new opportunities. I will be staying on in an advisory role for a period of one year to ensure that they have everything they need to be as successful as possible.

These last few years have been an amazing time with incredible growth in the Festival, and growth in a community that is seeing many filmmakers moving from volunteer “hobbyists” to paid “industry members”. I have always been an enthusiast when it comes to filmmaking and the creative process, but when it comes to the filmmaking industry, it takes a lot more than enthusiasm !

Jennifer and Emily have been long time supporters of Digi60, both as participants and as organizers of the activities included in the Festival. The bonus with them ? They also have invested themselves fully into the filmmaking world, creating a network of contacts and gaining real world experiences. In sitting down with them to discuss this transition, they showed total support for the two main goals of the Digi60:

1) Create an opportunity for new and emerging filmmakers to create and screen their work and network with other filmmakers.
2) Create opportunities for the participants of the Festival to enter the filmmaking industry.

There will be lots of exciting announcements over the next few weeks, so I encourage you to check out the Digi60 web page (www.digi60.org), Facebook group and Twitter feed.
Exciting times ahead !!

Kevin Burton